Rain Garden

Rain Garden

A bioretention media that absorbs storm water run-off from roads and paved areas during heavy rainfall.

RG240, our rain garden mix, has been engineered alongside industry experts to create a superior bioretention media that absorbs stormwater run-off from roads and paved areas during heavy rainfall.

It is a specified blend of quality sands, premium Waikato topsoil and rich compost. RG240 has been installed extensively on key urban developments, new subdivisions, roads, highways, and carparks.

Our Performance

RG240 has been engineered for performance. Stringent laboratory, and in-situ testing, proves our mix to absorb and filter contaminants of stormwater. Industry approved results surpass the desired level required under Auckland Regional Council Storm Water Management Guidelines. Test results are available on request.

All our engineered soils are prepared using quality control policies that drive consistency and accuracy.


Saturated hydraulic conductivity:
50 - 300 mm/hr
pH Range:
5.5 - 7.0
Particle < 10mm:
90 - 100%
Air filled porosity:
15 - 20%
Water holding capacity:
20 - 40%
Dry Bulk Density:
Full Documentation:
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