Quay Street Enhancement

Project Overview

Quay Street, in prime position on the edge of the Waitematā Harbour, has capitalised on its location creating an iconic spot that will define Auckland as much as the skyscrapers. A revitalised waterfront space, with wider footpaths, easier navigation, new street furniture, more trees, and greater opportunity for business and events. This transformation had people in mind, invigorating a city set to enjoy more parks, small green spaces, and outdoor areas in the coming years.

A commercial project of this size in the city centre poses challenges, such as traffic control, timelines, public access ways as well as the unforeseen disruption of COVID19. To achieve tight delivery windows, programme planning across stakeholders was critical. Across 6 weeks we delivered over 1300 metres of various engineered media into this project. We run multiple products, many trucks and even catered to night shifts to deliver this intense schedule. Another feat was craning 260 one tonne bags of TP120 to fill podiums over Auckland’s Waterfront in 6 afternoons. This engineered tree pit media was selected to support transplantation of large mature trees, a focal point of the project. The media selection for the Quay St project was critical for the success of 50 new gardens and over 200 new native trees providing shade and shelter, reducing the urban head island effect. In addition, 19 rain gardens were installed in the project, using ScapeSpec RG240 media. The raingardens will naturally drain and filter pollutants from surface water during heavy rainfall, reducing pressure on storm drains and improving water quality. Green spaces will help the city centre to become a low-carbon region and prepare our city for a climate-impacted future.

“We needed to ensure we had selected not only the right product, but also the right team. The ScapeSpec team was critical in assisting us to deliver, no matter how demanding the timeframe.”

Ryan Muir , JFC

There are a multitude of benefits from this green investment. Offering the public an inclusive and accessible downtown waterfront. Plentiful, accessible green spaces contribute to people's wellbeing,  providing places for people to connect with each other and with nature. They provide places of rest and respite to residents, workers and visitors.

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