System Overview

ScapeSpec is a data driven system resulting in optimal media outcomes

Urban design is continuously evolving and demanding increasingly sophisticated technical products. Consistent standards, high quality raw product and quality assurance are critical.

The ScapeSpec system certifies the conformity of the manufactured product and monitors the installed products' performance. This system consists of three certification programs:

Type A: Designing
Type B: Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Type C: Monitoring

The ScapeSpec system minimises the risk of sub-standard results through technology driven processes and rigorous quality control standards. Supporting landscaping projects to run efficiently with effective results - every time.

Research and Development


Easy access resource library - providing documentation for product specification, tender and installation. Alongside current research and council regulations.



Combining new to market technology and mixing methodology, MixApp supports consistently high-quality blends, ongoing testing and accuracy. Available on tablet, mobile or dektop.

More about Mixapp

The ScapeSpec system delivers high quality products within specifications

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How do I get product supply for my project?

Simply contact us - either by email or phone. We can help you decide on the right product for your site, then we put you in touch with an approved ScapeSpec supplier to place an order.

Is it complicated to design a Site Specific Blend?

There is a system and a process that is very easy to follow – we do the hard work to make it easy for you.

How do you know the certified blends work?

Our blends are built on the back of rigorous scientific evidence and ongoing testing. We have all the documentation and testing to support our products, available in InfoPort.

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