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How do I get product supply for my project?

Simply contact us - either by email or phone. We can help you decide on the right product for your site, then we put you in touch with an approved ScapeSpec supplier to place an order.

Is it complicated to design a Site Specific Blend?

There is a system and a process that is very easy to follow – we do the hard work to make it easy for you.

How do you know the certified blends work?

Our blends are built on the back of rigorous scientific evidence and ongoing testing. We have all the documentation and testing to support our products, available in InfoPort.

What if I don't know what solution I need?

Contact Us! We ask the questions to take you through the process and with our knowledge and experience working with others we can give you good advice and resources or connect you with someone who can.

Am I just adding more cost to my media?

No, in some instances it may end up cheaper. We can develop products to suit a project budget. We aim for our solutions to be functional, feasible and practical.

Will it take a lot of time to find the right media solution?

We have a catalogue of products and blends. If they don’t suit we can quickly work through a product build with you. Our spec sheets and documentation are an easy quick resource, readily available.

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