Supporting consistent and accurate blends for industry confidence.

MixApp is a data-driven production software specifically designed to support QA & QC standards for consistently high-quality batch blends.

Integrating mixing methodology with new to market technology, MixApp is an on-the-spot solution to support blend quality and accuracy. Guiding best practice mixing procedures backed by ongoing product testing - MixApp drives ease of  blend without sacrificing product quality.

MixApp benefits


MixApp provides a foolproof process for media blending. Using precise metrics, the end user can have confidence that today's product will be the same as yesterday's.

Quality Assurance

Our QA driven process assures what is supplied meets specifications. MixApp assures the use of high-quality raw materials, sound mixing methodology and ongoing testing.  

Ease of Blend

MixApp takes the guesswork out of high-quality batch blends. Access available mixes and materials, raw product weighing and loadouts on-site when you need.

Scheduled Testing

Instilling confidence, MixApp schedules ongoing product testing with unique codes for easy tracking of samples.

On Site

Available when and where you need it, MixApp provides up to the minute updates and is designed to work seamlessly on tablet.


Whether mixing a pre-existing ScapeSpec blend or a bespoke blend created for you - these are easily loaded in and accessible in MixApp.

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