Site Specific

Bespoke Blends

Bespoke Blends

Let us create a bespoke solution for your unique site specifications, without sacrificing consistency and performance.

Part of the beauty of the ScapeSpec system is that unlike other suppliers we are not limited to any product already in production. What does that mean for you? We can blend and create a product that is the best solution for your unique project or job.

Taking an evidence-informed approach, ScapeSpec will work closely with your design team to understand the critical variables unique to your site. Leveraging both your expertise and our industry knowledge, ScapeSpec will create a high quality product that is fit for purpose.

You can be confident ScapeSpec site-specific solutions will be efficient and effective helping you to achieve better outcomes.


Saturated hydraulic conductivity:
pH Range:
Particle < 10mm:
Air filled porosity:
Water holding capacity:
Dry Bulk Density:
Full Documentation:
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Site Specific



We understand that every project has unique needs. We'll join forces with your experts to consult and design the best solution for your job.


Our industry knowledge and emphasis on research and development ensures you're getting a practical solution that is grounded in evidence.


Unlike other suppliers, we're not tied to a pre-existing product range. You can be confident that your on-site solution is uniquely matched to your requirements.


Using only high-quality certified raw products, sound mixing methodology and ongoing product testing - we can assure quality for your next project.


We understand you don't have time for delays. We endeavor to find you the most local and efficient solution without compromising quality or performance.


We understand that solutions need to be realistic and cost-effective. We deliver products in full, on time and in spec.

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