Daldy Street - Wynyard Quarter

Project Overview

Daldy Street is a vibrant greenspace in the middle of urban infrastructure. The rolling lawns, mature trees and numerous raingardens offer great recreational and aesthetic amenities. Both pleasant and practical, these raingardens improve air quality and mitigate storm water runoff from surrounding buildings and roads.

This high-profile project was a cornerstone for ScapeSpec product development using TP120 and RG240. The site variables demanded a calculated soil blend that balanced water retention and hydraulic conductivity to sustain healthy plant life all year round.

“The Wynyard Central redevelopment provides a critical view shaft from Victoria Park to the waterfront, providing the backbone for the rejuvenation of the area. For Contrax Greenscapes we viewed this as a legacy project that required the highest levels of finish. Viewing the finished streetscape it is easy to overlook the role the engineered rain garden mix plays, but having a product that met stringent specifications was essential to ensure a successful project. Collaborating with Dean and his team over a period of months resulted in a product that exceeded expectations and after a year in service continues to perform as well as when first installed. Comparing plant growth in these recent stages to historical plantings in surrounding side streets gives a great indication of what happens when you get things right.”
Daryl Gregg, Contrax Greenscapes

Despite the often harsh weather conditions, the Daldy street raingardens are thriving. Supplying ample green enrichment, these raingardens also serve as valuable pollution and flooding protection. Supported in TP120 a stabilising soil that supports root growth, the native trees are flourishing and creating new habitats for local wildlife.

ScapeSpec is proud to be associated with this injection of green infrastructure in a largely commercial area. Daldy Street is exemplar project for what lies ahead at Wynyard quarter and other urban spaces; providing an innovative natural space for the community while still being beneficial for the environment.

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