Karangahape Road Enhancements

Project Overview

Karangahape Road (K Road) enhancement aims to preserve the road's unique character and create a street environment that supports the local community and meets the needs of a growing population. A popular thoroughfare for thousands of people, the daily foot, cycle, scooter, skate, car and bus traffic is set to grow with more and more people calling Auckland home.

Our role in this project was to aid in the enhancement of the environment with rain gardens, landscaping, vegetation and trees. There is high demand on these rain gardens to filter contaminants from road run off on one of the busiest roads in the region. To perform at optimal levels, the media needed to have ideal hydraulic conductivity and particle size distribution. The media for planting also needed to be exceptional. As a focal points of the project,11 large existing Nīkau palms were removed and replanted. The media that supports these specimens is specific for this species. ScapeSpec engineered a technical adaptation of our tree-pit mix that would lift PH levels and support soil requirements.

“It was critical to be aware of all site variables, such as plant requirements through in-depth consultation with stakeholders. From here we could easily adapt our media blend to support the ideal plant palette for this project”

Dean Rissetto, ScapeSpec

This project has made a greener environment with less footpath clutter providing more room for pedestrians, outdoor dining and street activities. Additional trees, vegetation and rain gardens will bring shade, shelter and a natural stormwater filtration system to the catchment area. This enhancement has created a colourful hub with a flourishing residential and business community.

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