Urban Planter

Urban Planter

Designed for growing in confined spaces. A nutrient rich growing layer to ensure immediate and continuous plant success.

UP320 is a free draining media, that has great workability and optimal water retention. It is a blend of quality sands, rich compost, bark fines and premium

Waikato topsoil. Enhanced with slow-release fertiliser and wetting agents, it is designed for high performing plant growth, health, and longevity.

Our Performance

UP320 is developed to be effective in confined spaces such as pots and planters. In-situ performance and laboratory testing validate media quality and beneficial soil traits for smaller growing spaces. Project testimonials and test results will be available on request.

ScapeSpec media is designed and prepared using quality control policies that drive consistency and accuracy. The ScapeSpec system sets the parameters of routine testing, the procedures of blending, handling requirements, product limits and the allowable variability.


Saturated hydraulic conductivity:
pH Range:
6 - 7.5
Particle < 10mm:
90 %
Air filled porosity:
Water holding capacity:
20 - 30 %
Dry Bulk Density:
Full Documentation:
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