Garden Bed Media

Garden Bed Media

A engineered media to providing nutrition, drainage and structure for ongoing plant performance.

Our Garden Bed (GB410) is an engineered media that provides nutrition, drainage and structure for superior garden beds. It is a well-balanced soil for supporting initial plant establishment and maintaining a healthy foundation for ongoing plant performance.

GB410 has been developed alongside industry experts for great workability, ideal moisture retention, nutrient preservation, and particle structure that enables root growth and stabilisation. GB410 is blended from quality sands, premium Waikato topsoil and organic compost. It is has been successfully installed on many high-profile urban developments in Auckland.

Our Performance

GB410 is developed to be effective in high density urban environments. In-situ performance and laboratory testing validate the quality and beneficial soil traits of this specific blend. Project testimonials and test results available on request.

All our engineered soils are prepared using quality control policies that drive consistency and accuracy.


Saturated hydraulic conductivity:
< 300mm/hr
pH Range:
5.5 - 7.0
Particle < 10mm:
Air filled porosity:
Water holding capacity:
20 - 40%
Dry Bulk Density:
Full Documentation:
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